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Preventing Panic And Anxiety Attacks

What Is An Anxiety Attack?

Is It Easy To Learn Chakra Meditation?

It takes longer to perform charka meditation in comparison to perform other meditation methods. There are a total of 7 chakras and it may take up to 2 hours for a total workout. Let us first understand the seven chakras in our body, their locations and colors for complete understanding.

A Chakra Test May Change Your Life!

Chakra Test is a kind of test for the seven centers of energy in the human body and to find out which centers are open, under-active or over-active in receiving and transmitting energies. According to science, these chakras are important nerve ganglia which generate from the spinal chord and are actually points of energy which are placed in a vertical and straight line from the base of the spine upto the crown of the head.

The Great Power Of Thinking

Have you known that human beings only use 6% of their brain power while Albert Einstein did make it to the 10th percent. Would you imagine how would it be like if we were able to use all the brain power that we have got? That is supposed to be outrageously invigorating to think that you are more than the capacity of thinking that you have right now.

Phobias Pt. 2

When something that has been labeled as dangerous occurs, the amygdala secretes hormones into the body to throw it into a “fight or flight” response. This theory would be Darwin-approved; a trigger in our brain to tell us that something is dangerous puts us in a state of heightened awareness.

The Difference Between The Right And Left Side Of The Brain And What Happens When They Cannot Communicate

The human brain is an amazing thing. Doubtlessly, you have heard someone described as “right brained” or “left brained” at least once in your life. Psychologists accentuate the difference between the left hemisphere and the right hemisphere of the brain, describing the left brain as logical, rational, analytical and objective. The right brain is the “creative” side, associated with aesthetics, feelings, intuition, and subjectivity. In reality, the differences between the right brain and the left brain might be exaggerated in popular culture, however there still are some key differences between the two.

Reasons Why People Become Depressed

Many people who barely find a way to solve their uncontrollable problems join and attend depression counseling. This is the only best choice and last resort of all depressive patients who cannot control their depression. The aim still is to diagnose the cause of the depression of the people in the group. This article will discuss several reasons why depression occur.

Understanding The Main Seven Chakras

Chakra, translated as the wheel as well is a Sanskrit word. The Chakras infuse on the physical body at particular points. These are also referred to as the centers of forces.

How To Open Chakras – An Introduction

The word chakra is actually a Sanskrit word, which means spherical and it denotes the seven energy points of our body. These are the energy whorls linked to the infinite universal energy being the receiving and transmitting centers for the same. Thus open chakras for the sake of remaining healthy physically, mentally and spiritually.

Better Planning For Managing Panic Attacks

Good planning will put you on the right track for managing panic attacks. It may be challenging to anticipate when a panic attack will occur, but if you take steps to prepare yourself ahead of time, then you can minimize the intensity and impact these attacks have on you. Here are 5 things you can do beforehand: