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Calendars And How To Understand Them

The calendar is such a routine, everyday thing, but how much do you actually know about the operation of it. Why is it like that?

Few Things About A Binocular

For the past several decades binoculars are serving the human society with its wide range of applications in various fields like science and technology, engineering, astronomy and lot more. This binocular is used by people of various ages with various applications. The main objective of a binocular is to view an object or structure which at a distant place.

Astronomy – Important Dates BC

There is no doubt that astronomy is the oldest science and there is also no hesitation that astronomy was being studied by everyone, not only the wise men, thousands and thousands of years ago.

A Brief History Of Binoculars

It was the seventeenth century when a famous inventor named Galileo came up with an idea that meant you could see far off objects. His telescope was soon put side by side and used as the first binoculars. The Galilean design still exists but because of its limitations in magnification, it’s only used for the less expensive versions.