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Do I Need a Forensic Loan Review If I Am Not in Foreclosure?

When a homeowner is rejected for a loan modification by his lender, a Forensic Loan Review is the critical first step that he or she should take to resolve the situation. A homeowner does not have to wait until he needs to stop foreclosure to get a Loan Audit done. In fact, the wise homeowner […]

How Can You Tell If You Have a Predatory Loan?

Tila Solutions Consultants are contacted every hour of every day by homeowners who are trying to understand what a predatory loan is and to determine if their loan is a predatory loan.  They feel the need to make sense out of their downward spiraling financial situations that seems to be far beyond any ordinary financial […]

Forensic Loan Audits Save Homes

Are you still wondering if you should trust the bank’s promise to give you that loan mod?  Are you still trying to decide if it is time you got a forensic loan audit?  No matter what, the facts speak for themselves.  What are the facts of your loan?  How can those facts help save your […]