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2018 brings a new year and new opportunities to improve the digital marketing for your building supply company. In this article, we’re going to dive into the exact strategies and techniques every business should be doing to get ahead for this new year. SEO (search engine optimization) is back. The truth is, it actually never […]

Website Audit Checkpoints

In the Design phase we can work with your team to benchmark and design performance goals.A continuous, systematic process of evaluating, to determine business and work processes that represent “best practices” and establish rational performance goals. Below listed site audit checkpoints: • Design • Content • Information architecture • Functionality • Security • Customer service […]

Twitter Marketing Ideas

Twitter is one of the upmost viral social media website and a great platform for micro blogging over the web.  Most of the people in recent times twitter became a daily part of their life and its popularity continues to grow very stronger day by day with increasing number of new users from all around the […]

Mobile Marketing

It is kind of marketing, but using Mobile Phones. It is one of the smartest ways of marketing. Targeting right audience is the key in Mobile Marketing. Day by day Smartphone are increasing this mobile marking is also inserting with a significant growth. Mobile Messages are and their types: 1. Short Message Service (SMS) 2. […]

iPhone Applications: Why it is not just another phone!

It is the phone that took the world by storm. Launched amongst huge media frenzy and peer hype, iPhone has many expectations to live up to. The sleek black instrument is not just a phone, it is so much more. Some of the more remarkable applications are so diverse and rewarding that they are truly […]

Drupal Web Design & Development

Drupal: Drupal is an Open Source Content management System which is purely developed in PHP framework. Drupal is very flexible and standards compatible and well engineered architecture. Drupal is licensed under the GPL, making it free for anyone to use and customize.Drupal Web Design is very customizable and best open source platform. Drupal is Powerful […]

About Creativity

Creativity isnt a big deal. Its like our breath. Its just a part of who we are. Some of us dont realize this. People who say, Oh, Im not creative, or I dont have a creative bone in my body, sound to me like theyre trying to convince themselves of something, rather than telling themselves […]

6 tips for great Business Cards

1. Contact Details: Should contain complete contact details including website, email id, contact numbers and clear office address including Fax numbers (if available). 2. Brand name and Logo is key: Your company logo should be clear with more visibility and it elevates your brand identity. It should be in bright colors. 3. Email Id: Your […]

Importance of TQM in Success of Emergency Services

Agility and accuracy is the key of success of any emergency service. The quality of emergency services includes wide variety of quality aspects, all of which are important. The lack of detailed information about any of these aspects means that we have not able to figure out need of quality control area of vital interest […]

Video Search Engine Optimization (Video SEO)

Video SEO: Video SEO is defined as the new form of optimizing video content via search engines like Google Video, Blinkx or any of 1000’s of Video Search Engines. It is also called as VSEO or Video SEO. Internet marketing is changing the marketing world, and one of the latest and important trends is using […]