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What Are Art Paintings?

For centuries, people have studied the Arts. Millions of artists have come and gone and paintings have graced the walls of a multitude of homes and museums. The love of art paintings is more than just looking at pretty pictures on the walls. The love of paintings includes knowing, and often feeling, just how past artists created their masterpieces.

Audubon Bird Art.

The wildlife artist John James Audubon lived from April 1785 to January 1851. He is one of the most famous wildlife artists ever and known especially for his bird illustrations.

How To Buy Original Artwork For Your Home

Have you looked at your walls lately, or at your windows? If you have yet to adorn your home with art, you are neglecting its potential almost as much as if you had omitted windows from the design. There’s a good chance you have been wanting a piece of original art for years, but unable to afford it due to the exorbitant costs you’ve seen at local auctions. Don’t let those prices scare you away; there are actually a variety of innovative and original pieces of art that can be purchased in virtually any financial situation. There are original paintings that can be bought today from under $10.

The Next Generation Of Storytelling

Advances in communication technologies have opened the door to a whole host of innovative new forms of creativity. Concepts such as social networking, twittering, texting, and even chat are giving us new ways to talk to one another. In so doing, they are also giving us new ways to tell stories to one another, or to create stories with others from around the world.

Is A Tattoo Right For You?

If you have decided to get a tattoo, you should be careful in choosing your design. Tattoos last as long as your skin. You can choose to remember a loved one, or an important event with a tattoo or you can choose to make a personal statement. Everyone has a different reason for desiring a tattoo. thank about your reason before choosing your design.

Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – What We’ve All Been Waiting For

The fourth and final installment of the Twilight Saga, Breaking Dawn, is said to debut on the silver screen sometime in 2011 in the United States. This highly anticipated movie will tie up all the loose ends for those who have followed Edward, Bella, Jacob and the rest of the packs and clans whose stories became tied together in previous films.